Yes, you can get a backup (snapshot) of your Teamspeak settings and configurations. We have created snapshots all our TeamSpeak services. If you would like your snapshot, please provide us your TeamSpeak Server ID, Port number, and IP address and we will respond with your Teamspeak snapshot. You can find this information on your Clanforge panel:

What does the snapshot include?

The snapshot includes your channels, users, and permissions; it does not include icons, avatar, or uploaded files. 

How can I use the snapshot?

You can download the Teamspeak Snapshot and use it to restore your settings (including permissions, channels, etc.) on a Teamspeak server you host yourself or a server hosted by a hosting provider. However, do keep in mind that not all Teamspeak hosting providers support importing Snapshots, so make sure to check with the provider. 

Can Multiplay recommend any alternative providers?

We don't have any official recommendations for TS3 hosts. However, Teamspeak has taken the liberty of compiling a list of available hosts by location. Obviously, the closer the host location the lower the latency on average making for a smoother user experience. All of the bells and whistles that may be included may differ, but that's generally a good rule of thumb to start your search. Check that out at