As of 28/02/2019, your server has been shut down due to our cancellation of all consumer services (including comms servers and games servers). We've made multiple attempts at notifying all our customers (including emails and community announcements) regarding the cancellations since the 3rd of January. For more information on why we've decided to shut down our consumer services, refer to this blog post.

Any remaining days on your server will be processed and refunded to your original payment method by March 31st. If you suspect that this payment method has expired, please update it via our secure site so we are able to process your refund. 

If you have a Teamspeak server, we can provide a snapshot of your server if you need it to migrate to another service provider. Before requesting your Teamspeak backup, see our article here: Can I Backup My Teamspeak Settings?

If you want to backup a game server, see our article here: World Data Backup Instructions (All Games).