To install a custom Minecraft mod pack that currently isn’t available via our system you can do this using our FTP setup.
Guide on FTP here:

However this guide will go more into the specific steps required for Minecraft.

Installing FileZilla

Firstly you want to download FileZilla from the source links above.
This is a application which you are able to enter FTP login details to gain access directly to your server directory.
The application will look like such:

Finding FTP Login Details 

You will then need to get your FTP login details which can be located when you log into Clanforge -

Selecting one of these will direct a new box to open with the FTP details required.
Things you will need are the; FTP IP, FTP Username & FTP Password (Which is your Clanforge password)
This can either be entered into Filezilla manually or you can download the config using the FileZilla config which will generate an XML file which can be imported.

Importing FTP Config

The easiest way to get the details setup is to import the config that is generated by Clanforge.
When on FileZilla go to File>Import
This will then prompt you to open the file you downloaded locally with the stored information. 

Once this is done you can locate a listing of any you have added in the drop down below File.
When you next attempt to login from here it will prompt you to enter a password, when done correctly you will be signed into your FTP service:

Downloading Mod Pack 

In this case we will show the download process for getting a FTB mod pack available on your service. First go to Feed The Beast -
On the landing page you will see a Download Button however you will want to select the Linux option underneath as our services run on the Linux platform.

If you select the normal windows version there might be compatibility issues with the .jars for Windows. 

Once downloaded launch FTB_Launcher which will bring up their client where you can download the server files:

In this case find which you want to use and select “Download Server”

This will proceed to download a .zip with the initial files, unzip these locally to a random folder so you can keep them all in the same location. 

Before you can upload from here you will need to run this locally first to ensure all remaining files are downloaded as well which you can do by simply running the ServerStart.bat
This will start the server start up process. Usually for the first time you will get it fail to start up due to the EULA, go into this .txt file once it’s generated and change it from =false =true then run ServerStart once more.

You will know this is completed once you see parts of the following in the console:

If you want to ensure you can type in 


This will then give a response of how many players are online which confirms it’s ready to use.
Follow the command 


From here you will need to just delete some files before uploaded which are not required on the server
Everything highlighted can be removed, you want to keep all the .jar files as they will be used while starting the server:

When ready open up FileZilla and navigate through Minecraft>Beta
Inside will be your ServerID folder:

In FileZilla you want to remove all traces of the old mods so you don’t run into any mod conflict as that can lead to the server not starting up. So you want to select everything and delete. (Unless you want to keep your world/saves then unselect them!

Once you have done this you will have a empty directory where you can copy over the local files we got generated into the server. This may take some time to upload depending on the amount/size of the files you have.

When fully uploaded you will need to select all files and change the permission files to 777 

This gives full permission for everything to be used. 

Swapping to new profile to enable mod pack.

The last step on this would be to create a new profile that will enable you to use the mod pack uploaded.

Proceed to your Clanforge panel and select New Profile, in here there will be the option for;

Game - Minecraft
Mod - Minecraft Custom (You must use Minecraft custom to use any mod pack not listed!) 

Once you have generated this profile you will get directed to the settings page where you can locate the “Launch JAR File” setting box where you will need to enter the .jar launcher.
This will be the FTB.jar which you can copy and paste the name from the file you downloaded. In this case I would use: FTBserver-1.12.2-
The other .jar that is just named minecraft_server.version.jar is a dependant .jar but using that will launch it in vanilla. 

Once you have completed all these steps you can go and “Save & Apply” this will start up the server with your new mod pack!
If you however do run into any issues or believe its not starting up you can review the log files located in “logs” for the latest.log file which will give you a overview of the console or the crash logs in “Crash-reports” on your FTP.
This will cover over the errors that might stop the server and list out any mod files that might of crashed during start up.
In the listing you will see the following
UCHIJ - This means they fully loaded and are working
UCHIE - This means they have errored and aren’t working.

If you run into further issues however please contact our support team.