To get you started with Battalion I will include as much here and will update over time. 

How To Admin?

Add the line


to the defaultgame.ini in Clanforge>Edit Profile>Config


section, doesn't matter where as long as it's under that header.

The documentation has the line with quotes! But the SteamID64 needs to be WITHOUT quotes!

You are able to get the ID from:

Loadout .json

We are currently looking if we can get these to display on your service at the moment. 

How do I join via IP?
To join the server via IP:Port you will first need to open up the game console by pressing the tilde key (~).
From there you enter
connect IP : PORT (Example - 125.421.231.42:9979)

If your server has a password, it will be as below: 

connect IP : PORT ; password (Example Example - 125.421.231.42:9979 ; helloworld)

How do I change maps and modes? 

You can do this via Clanforge>Edit Profile>Maps.
Inside there by default will be Bomb, you can select any servers you want to use by pressing "Add" 

After that you can use the drop down where it says Bomb and select any other Gamemodes to display the maps for them

Once you have the Map List how you want it, it'll then use the maps on the right as the servers maps.
In this example below it will run Coastal-Bomb and Derailed-Domination

After you're all done you just press Save & Apply to restart the server with your new server listing. 

My Server Keeps Restarting!

In cases where you can see inside your action log the server saying the following it's likely due to a bad config change:

In this case we suggest creating a new profile to get the default configurations back, or use our history tab to restore back to the last known working instance.
Clanforge > Edit Profile > History