These are the configuration and settings guide provided by the game developers.
If you have any issues with these please contact our support team.


Server configuration is currently very early in development and as such you may encounter issues whilst setting everything up. We're also aware of features that are currently missing (such as an rcon-like remote admin tool). Please bear with us as we continue to develop the game as well as the community servers/tools. Currently you NEED to have the server exposed to the internet in order to connect to it. We are working on getting the LAN support up and running asap.

Map and Mode Rotation

This should now be handled by Clanforge full where you see $$maplist_$$
You just need to add any map & mode into Clanforge > Edit Profile > Maps
This will then change your rotation and end of game maps. 

Server + Game Configuration

Some basics customization:

In the DefaultGame.ini search for the heading


and you should see something like:

ServerName= Change this to the name you want players to see your server as
Password= Add a password here if you want
TeamNames="ALLIES" Change the name of Team 1
TeamNames="AXIS" Change the name of Team 2
PlayMode=Arcade Set the play style of the server. Most admins will want "Arcade", however "Comp" and "Unranked" are also available. These configurations mirror the matchmaking options.
StartType=ReadyUp Here you set how the server will start. You can choose between: "ReadyUp" requires all players to ready up before the game begins, "PlayerCount" waits until the number of players is bigger or equal to the "RequiredPlayers" config variable, and "Skip" which will start the server immediately.

There are quite a few variables to choose from and we will expand our documentation on all of them in the coming weeks. Each mode has its own section in the DefaultGame.ini and hopefully most of them are self explanatory.

Changing Loadouts

Locate the Loadouts directory inside the server package. Here you can create your own loadout json file (we would recommend duplicating one of the existing ones) and then reference the name inside the DefaultGame.ini.

This section will be filled out more thoroughly in the coming weeks.

Server Admin Commands

Add the line


to the defaultgame.ini in Clanforge>Edit Profile>Config


section, doesn't matter where as long as it's under that header.

The documentation has the line with quotes! But the SteamID64 needs to be WITHOUT quotes!

See below for a mix of official and dev/debug commands. Not all commands are listed and those that are may or may not exist in future versions.

All start with "Server."


Config.<CONFIG_NAME> <VALUE> Change server config values
Restart Restart the server
Shutdown Shutdown the server
EndRound Force end the round
Pause Pause the game - use again to unpause
WinRound Force win the round
LoseRound Force lose the round
LoadNextGame Load the next map/mode in the rotation
ChangeMap <MAP> <MODE> Change to a map + mode
Announce <MESSAGE> Announce a message to everyone in the server
Invulnerable Toggle to make yourself invulnerable
GiveWeapon <WEAPON NAME> Give a specified weapon to yourself
GiveGrenade <NUM> Give a grenade to yourself
GiveSmokeGrenade <NUM> Give a smoke grenade to yourself
GiveAmmo <NUM> Give ammo to yourself
DisconnectAll Disconnect everyone from the server
AddBot <NUM> Add a bot to the server
KillBots Kill all bots
KickPlayerByName <NAME> Kick player by name
KickPlayerBySteamID <ID> Kick a player by their steam id
ListPartyMembers List all party members
ChangeToTeam <0 or 1> Change yourself to team
State <STATE_NAME> Change the game state to (WaitingToStart, CountdownToStart, SetupRound, PostRound, PostMatch)

Cmd.GetPlayerStats will dump out the entire session player info.

Banning, Whitelists and Blacklists

Currently you can only kick players from your server and that's it. Although it's a fairly straightforward bit of work, we simply haven't had the time to implement a whitelist/blacklist feature yet. It's definitely coming soon!

Tips + Troubleshooting

Your server will take at least one minute to appear in the list. Please make sure you wait for this period when troubleshooting issues.

Known Issues

Your server may disappear from the server list when it is transitioning to a new map. This is a known issue and will be fixed asap.