Farming Simulator 17 has multiple in-game options that admins can change through a menu. To access this menu, navigate to the "Multiplayer Admin" section on your pause menu. From there, proceed to enter your Admin password, which is found on the FarmSim webadmin.

From here, you can edit your server settings that affect gameplay.

Timescale: affects how quickly time will pass in game, ranges from real time to 120x.

Traffic: Enables/Disables traffic

Dirt: affects how quickly your machinery gets.

Automatic Engine Start: Enables/Disables automatic engine start.

Stop & Go Braking: On - holding the brake key will automatically switch to reverse gear once your vehicle 

has stopped. Off - Holding down brake will bring the vehicle to a stop. To reverse, release the brake key 

and then hold down again to start reversing.

Fuel Usage: affects how much fuel is used over time.

Helper refill (applies to all): choose whether AI helpers will automatically refill any of the five variables.

Plant Growth: affects how quickly plants will grow.

Plant withering: Enables/Disables plants withering or rotting.

Periodic Plowing Required: Whether or not you need to plow your fields periodically to keep yield high.

Fertilizer States: Amount of time you need to fertilize your fields for maximum yield.