To log into admin, you need to use the /admin_login *admin password* command. 

Your admin password can be found on your clanforge server panel. Click edit profile, then head over to the settings tab.

These are the admin commands in Citadel: Forged with Fire you need to know to run an effective server:

Code Command
/admin_autosave Saves the server in case you need to shut down in a hurry.
/admin_delete (player) Completely wipes a character from the server and displays their steam ID in the confirmation message.
/admin_logout Logs you out of administrator access.
/admin_startstats This will record the stats on your server for you to better understand its performance.
/admin_stopstats Stops what the previous command starts.
/admin_update (new password) Use this to change your password.
/cinecam  Removes your player's hands/arms from sight in first person view.
/server_ban (player) (reason) Ban a player and let them see the reason.
/server_kick (player) (reason) Kick a player and let them see the reason.
/server_unban (player) Unban a player.
/togglemeshes Seems to do the same as cinecam without the awkward second body.
/whois (player) Gives you information about a player character, online or not, on your server, along with their Steam ID.

Important to note: you can wipe your characters as an admin in Citadel: Forged with Fire

It's also worth noting that some of these commands don't work all of the time or possibly not at all. 

Here are all the cheat codes that you can currently use in Forged with Fire

Code Cheat
/giveallitems Gives you all the items in the game.
/giveitem (name) (amount) Gives you a specific item in a specific quantity.
/givespell (spell name) Teaches you a spell.
/giveexp (amount) Gives you exp.
/giveresources (amount) Gives you resources up to 1000.
/giverune (amount) Gives you Rune Crystals up to 1000.
/givestone (amount) Gives you Stones up to 1000.
/givewood (amount) Gives you Wood up to 1000.
/invincible (amount) Gives you a percentage based damage reduction (0-100%)
/knowitall Learn all recipes, spells, etc. in the game.
/regen Regenerate your health and mana.
/regrow Regrow all the resource nodes in the game.
/setname (new name) Changes your character's name.
/settime (between 0 and 2400) Set the time in your world based on a 24-hour clock.
/suicide Kills your character.
/teleport (player) Teleports to a specific player.
/teleport (lat) (long) Teleports to specific coordinates./giveallitems - Gives you all the items in the game.


These cheats are perfect for when you really want to get to the end-game in Citadel: Forged with Fire, but don't want to grind to get there. Whether you want to try out Dark Flight or Sinkat's Death Hands, you'll be able to if you /knowitall and /giveexp until you hit 60.