This is what you will be greeted with when you log into your Clanforge account, here are multiple things that you can review. 

  1. Learn More: This direct your to our Features page which will describe in depth certain features of Clanforge. 

  2. Unavailable Machines: Which machines are currently reporting offline and since what time. 

  3. Clanforge News: Here you can get information on what is currently going on, this is usually reserved to show machines or network outages, you will also get information regarding game updates or bugs.

  4. Manage My Servers: This section lists all the services that you will have with us, it is split into two; game servers & voice comms.
    You are able to manage these services by either selecting the server name or the blue Manage button on the side.
    This also offers the choice to mass start/stop/restart your servers by selecting Toggle All and then the option you wish to run in case you wish to do a mass maintenance on your services.

  1. MH: This shows the service number which you can provide to our support team if you require and help.

  2. Service Time: How long your service will run, will show in days remaining 

  3. Manage Games: This allows you to manage the games attached to your account, here you can change the games out and only pay the difference for the remaining time. 

  4. Manage Slots: Allows you to change the amount of slots you wish to have allocated to each service. 

  5. Manage Memory: This applies to only certain games such as Minecraft which can be upgraded for larger servers 

  6. Voice Comms: Allows you to select one of three voice comms services; Teamspeak, Mumble & Vent

  7. Renew Service: This will direct you to where you can pay your invoice or review your payment account. 

  8. Setup Clanpay: A form of payment that allow you and your friends to pool in money for the service. 

  9. Affiliates Scheme: Get a code to send to friends to gain rewards 

  10. Manage Users: Allows you to add users to your service as different roles with certain permissions; Owner, Moderator, Manager

  11. Contact Support: Allows you to raise a support ticket with our support team who can resolve any issues that you might be having. 

  12. Cancel Server: If you wish to cancel the service you can select this and it will use the remaining time and will not renew at the end of the service period.

Here is what your service will look like when you select it from the Clanforge dashboard.

  1. Game: This will indicate which game you are running

  2. Active Profile: The profile you currently have active (You can have multiple profiles across one service) 

  3. Address: This will show the IP&Port of the service 

  4. Query Port: This allows Clanforge to record stats such as; CCU, CPU & Memory Usage

  5. Admin Port: Allow Clanforge to use its Console to admin the server through admin commands. 

  6. Auto Restart: How often you want the server to restart (The time counts from the last time the server was offline, if it crashes the timer will reset & It won’t restart if there are any players online to avoid any player impact)

  7. Public Listing: This shows your service on the Clanforge servers tab if you have the box selected.

  8. Machine: Which machine you are hosted on, these are usually named into region.
    Example: London = Lon, Dallas = Dal, Singapore = Sing 

  9. Location: Shows you which location the server is hosted in

  10. Players: This will show a figure out of how many players are currently online such as 5/10 (Not all servers query a player count however so other times it will show Unknown)
    Map: Which map your server is currently running, an example for Team Fortress 2 would be ctf_2fort

  11. Gametype: What game mode the service is currently running.

  12. Max Memory: How much memory is allocated to the service for it to use in total when running, if it exceeds this for an extended period of time the service will shut down. 

  13. ServerID: The service ID of the server, this allows our support team to investigate into any issues.

  1. Domain: Certain games or voice comms allow you to set a custom Domain for the service so players can join through that instead of the IP:PORT 

  2. Start: Starts the server process

  3. Stop: Stops the server process

  4. Restart: Stops then Starts the server process

  5. Refresh: Refreshes the ClanForge panel to get the newest information 

  6. Action Log: This directs you to a new page which will show you error messages or processes that have been ran from the dashboard such as; starts, stops or restart and by who ran this.

  1. View Server Stats: This will direct you to a new page which will show you usage graphs that show the following; Players, CPU % & Memory (MB) 


  1. Create Profile: This allows you to create a new profile from a number of our own templates that we have set up, such as Minecraft we have a number of mod packs already setup that you can select from the profile section

  2. Edit Profile: This allows you to change settings in your current profiles such as; Server Name, Addons, Configs, Welcome Messages & the amount of players allowed onto the server. 

  3. Switch Profile: You can have multiple profiles for a single service, this allows you to swap between these at any notice.

  4. Live Control / RCON: This allows Clanforge to report to the games console and allows you to issues admin commands from the site as you wouldn’t have direct access to the normal console. 

  5. World Management: Here you can upload/backup/download/reset the worlds that you are currently running on the service.

  6. View FTP Details: This is only for games hosted on BSD; Minecraft & Starbound. Here you can get your login name & password to get into your FTP folder through applications such as FileZilla

  7. Uploads: Allows you to upload custom Mods/Addons/Configs through our support team who will review the contents of the files and will let you know once it is implemented or if it failed testing. 

  8. Downloads: Allows you download files such as logs, crash-reports of the saved files of your server. 

  9. Account Upgrades: This is the same as Manage Games which allows you to change around what game you want running on your service. 

  10. Server Stats: This is the same as above mentioned server stats which will display; Players, CPU & Memory. 

  11. Players: This shows all the players that are currently active on the server and allows you to Kick/Ban

  12. Bans: This will allow you to review your server Banned listing and allows you to add or remove bans

  13. Files: This allows you to review the Logs that are attached to your server such as; .logs, crash-reports or server startup logs, this is useful for self diagnosing any issues you believe you might be having. 

To Create a new profile you can select the “New Profile” on your service dashboard and have a popup showing these 3 options. 

  1. Choose a game: This allows you select a game you’ve purchased  that you want to create a profile for. 

  2. Choose a mod: This allows you to select which mod you wish to run. Different games have different mods however the base version will either be called Retail or Vanilla.
    Things like Terraria will have TShock or Rust will have Experimental Oxide as extended mods. 

  3. Choose a template: This allows you to pick from a number of templates that our support team have prepared to use on the server, they range from base versions of the game so they are just vanilla and are the bare minimum up to more complex ones such as Ark where we have a template for x10 Multipliers so you can just select which appeals to you.

  4. Profile Name: Here you will select what the name of the profile will be, this isn’t the name of the server.

This moves into the Edit Profile section, here you can set different things such as Server Name, Max Players & Game Type. There are more options which will be expanded on.

  1. Profile Name: This was set when you create the profile but you can change this at any time. 

  2. Server Name: This is the name that will appear for the server itself when it is running. Certain games will have a limit on letters so you may not get to have a super long name.

  3. Max Players: This will range from 1 upto the max player slot you purchased initially, its adjustable just in case you wish to run a smaller server temporarily. 

  4. Time Limit: This sets the length of matches, this only applies to certain games that have timed matches.

  5. Game Type: This lists and allows you to choose from a number of Game Types a game can run such as; Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Sabotage. 

  6. Admin Name: This is the admin login for things such as rcon or live control applications

  7. Admin Email: The email connected to the admins account

  8. Admin Password: A password set by the admin that allows the user to log into Rcon tools. 

  9. Game Password: This allows the user to set passwords to only allow users who know it to join the server. 

The Admin Only section is for our support team who will be able to look through the profile for key information if it is required. 

In the Addon section you can find a large selection of different addons/plugins/mods to choose from
You can find them listed under specific names such as; Gameplay Altering, Misc Addons or Admin addons.
This keeps different mods separated so it is easier to find specific types.

There is also a Search function included so if you know the name of the addon you want you can type it into the search bar and Clanforge will show it in the bar to the left. If it doesn’t appear then it is likely that the addon hasn’t been implemented into our system as of yet but you can use the Upload Addon in the top right of this section.

This will submit a ticket to our support team with the name of the addons you wish to upload and they will work to quickly get it implemented, once this has been completed you will get a response back from the team informing you that it should be appear in the addon section.

Once you find any addons you like or wish to have you can press the Add button which will move the addon to the right section which is your installed addons, the next time you startup the server Clanforge will read which addons you want and load them into your server for you. These addons can be customised in the next section Configs. 

This is the config section, here you will get the; base, addons & mod configs implemented.

Like the addon section you have a search function which you can use to quickly locate any file that is on your server.
This is an ARK one that is basic compared to something like Source Mod TF2 which has over 20 different configs. 

By selecting the config you wish to edit you will open up a text box to the right that will show the contents of the file and allows you to edit this to customise the server or addons

  1. Delete this file: This allows you to delete any config located on your service if you feel you no longer need it. 

  2. Advance Editor: Shown above is the Advanced Editor, by unselecting this you can get a more basic version which will just be displayed in all plain text. 

  3. Toggle Fullscreen: Allows you to open the text file in a full screen if you wish to get a wider view of the file. 

  4. Revert File: This option allows you to push back any changes you made to the text file if you feel like you’ve made too many mistakes. 

  1. Upload File: If you feel there isn’t a config file that should be located on your service you can upload it through the upload button, this will place it into the designated file location and will then appear in your configs list. 

  2. Save & Apply: This option saves all changes you make and starts/restarts the server with the new settings. 

  3. Save: This option only saves the text file but won’t restart the server, this is good if you wish to continue making changes without taking the server offline. 

You can also change the way to view these configs from the standard view over to our View by Path option which will show you in which directory they are located in, if there isn’t a folder above it means that that config is in the root location.

This is the file section which allows you to view/upload/download any files connected into the server which might need changing or viewing. These are usually things such as; saves, logs, crash-reports. 

You will get a drop down to select which kind of file you wish to view.
The example above is a saved game file that you can then select and review or to download to your local computer. 

You are also able to upload files through here such as logs or saves however this is best done in the World Management section on your service dashboard. 

Here you can find the FTP for your MInecraft or Starbound server.

Using these details you can connect directly to your server directory to upload & download files onto/from the server.
This gives you more range of changing the server through World Management, Mods & configs.

The FTP Username will change according to your login email & your password will be what you would usually use for logging into Clanforge.

You can use these details for logging into the servers through an FTP client such as FileZilla.

If you have any complications you can follow this guide:

With the upload tab you can use this to upload different things to your server such as; world saves, configs, plugins/addons.

However it is worth noting that one certain services will include a number of these. If ever in doubt please contact our support team.

What you would need to do is to select the game from your service you wish to use, select the mod your service is using (This is usually automatically selected) the type of file you wish to upload, config/world/addon and follow which server it will be uploaded into.
Providing a brief description about what this file is will help when uploading as it helps our support team identify the file in case of any issues.
If this includes a addon for something like Rust a link to the web page that you got it from would help our team integrate this for future use by other consumers.

From there you just need to upload the file either from your local computer or through the URL you can get from the source page. 

If the upload has issues it will automatically generate a ticket to our team who will investigate into the issue for you.