Admin Commands

There are various commands which can be used to administer your Terraria TShock server, a table with the command and a brief description can be found below:

Command Name Command Description
annoy /annoy
ban /ban /banip /unban /unbanip User can ban others
buff /buff User can buff self
buffplayer /gbuff or /buffplayer User can buff other players
butcher /butcher User can kill all enemy npcs
canchangepassword /password User can change password in game
canlogin /login User can login in game
canpartychat /p User can use party chat in game
canregister /register User can register account in game
cantalkinthird /me User can talk in third person
causeevents /dropmeteor /star /genore /fullmoon /bloodmoon /invade Use can cause select events
cfg /setspawn /reload /serverpassword /save /settle /maxspawns /spawnrate /broadcast(/bc /say) /stats /world User can edit server configurations
clearitems /clear(/clearitems) User can clear item drops.
converthardmode /convertcorruption /converthallow User can convert hallow into corruption and vice-versa
editspawn /antibuild /protectspawn Allows you to edit the spawn
grow /grow
hardmode /hardmode /stophardmode(/disablehardmode) User can change hardmode state
heal /heal
item /item(/i) /give(/g) User can spawn items
kick /kick User can kick others
kill /kill
logs /displaylogs Specific log messages are sent to users with this permission
maintenance /clearbans /off(/exit) /off-nosave(/exit-nosave) /checkupdates User is notified when an update is available
managegroup /additem(/banitem) /delitem(/unbanitem) /listitems(/listbanneditems) /additemgroup /delitemgroup User can manage item bans
manageregion /region /debugreg User can edit regions
managewarp /setwarp /delwarp /hidewarp User can manage warps
mute /mute(/unmute) User can mute and unmute users
pvpfun /slap Slap player
rootonly /user /userinfo(/ui) /auth-verify Meant for super admins only
spawnboss /eater /eye /king /skeletron /wof(/wallofflesh) /twins /destroyer /skeletronp(/prime) /hardcore User can spawn bosses
spawnmob /spawnmob(/sm) User can spawn npcs
tp /home /spawn /tp User can teleport
tpallow /tpallow Users can stop people from TPing to them
tphere /tphere /sendwarp(/sw) User can teleport people to them
warp User can use warps /warp
whisper /whisper(/w /tell) /reply(/r) User can whisper to others
whitelist /whitelist User can modify the whitelist