TShock is one of the most popular modifications for Terraria which allows advanced play functionality. We at Multiplay are closely tied with the development team of TShock to provide the latest version of this modification intergated into our control panel.

Below is the main quickstart guide for TShock, guiding you through the transition from a Terraria retail server to TShock.

Getting Started...

Firstly we need to switch your server from the Retail version of Terraria to the TShock version of the game. This can be done using a few clicks via Clanforge.


TShock Setup

Mpuk40backupworld.png You must first back up your world via Clanforge -> Servers -> Live Control -> World Options before proceeding. Once you have finished the switch to TShock you can then restore the backup via the same method.
  1. Navigate to Clanforge -> Profiles -> Create New
    1. Select the game as Terraria
    2. Select the mod as TShock
    3. Select the template as TShock Template
    4. Give your new profile a name in the textbox
    5. Click Create. Your profile has now been created.
    6. Click Save & Apply. This will apply to profile to your server.