Starbound features Multiplayer and we host servers for it!,
Now you and your friends can play together on your very own server.

1. Navigate to Clanforge and hit the "Sign In" button at the top.
2. Login using your Username and Password.
3. Here you can see your server list; Hovering over the server name gives some basic information. Press the CF Manage Button to bring up the dashboard.
4. This will load the Dashboard for this server. The Dashboard shows more information about the server. You will need the Address: section. Here you can see the IP and Port of the server. Yours will be different, you will need to note it down.
5. Once you've noted the Address: start up your game. Make sure to navigate to Multiplayer.
6. Select an existing Character or create a new Character.
7. Type the Address: in to the Server Address section and hit Join Server.