What can I do with FTP in Starbound?

FTP integration to our Starbound services allows you to make modifications to your service without the need of Clanforge such as uploading of new plugins, uploading of modified plugin configs and upgrading your server without any delays.

We understand that the majority of our customers prefer to use an FTP solution instead to instantly upload their files which is one of our main reasons for developing a custom solution to effectively support FTP alongside retaining the Clanforge control panel for server management.

When using FTP, am I still eligible for Multiplay Support?

You are indeed still eligible. Troubleshooting with customers using highly modified servers via FTP is far more limited though. We recommend customers still use Clanforge to modify their server configurations where possible rather than FTP.

What can I upload and what can I not upload?

While we aren't strict on what modifications we allow customers to upload, if we find a specific modification is causing detrimental effects to a machine and other customers, we do reserve the right to remove the modification in question and set the server to a stopped state along with an email being sent to the registered email address.

We enjoy keeping a stable and lag-free service, we can only do this with the cooperation and consideration of our customers.

In addition to this, executables cannot be run on the machine, nor can the server command line be edited. These are strict enforcements set globally to ensure security and stability.

Will I still be able to edit configuration files via Clanforge?

Unfortunately not. Once you add mods / configs via FTP, Clanforge will not be able to automatically pick these up and enable them for editing via the control panel. All modifications will need to be done via FTP.

Will I be able to update Starbound straight away once a new version is released?

This is possible however NOT recommended. We run a separate plugin that allows Clanforge to communicate with the server to cleanly action starts / stops and provide server statistics. Should this plugin not function correctly on a new server release, the server will not function correctly and will be prone to restart unexpectedly until a newer version is released.

Do I still need to use Clanforge to upload worlds?

Not at all. You can upload your worlds via FTP, no need to use the Clanforge control panel. This will work a lot better for our customers located outside of Europe where our uploads machine is located.