Minecraft/Managing World Backups

Did you know that Clanforge has its own World management system built-in? Well it does. Allowing you to Backup, Restore & Reset your world at your own leisure. This menu can be accessed via

File:World restore.png

World management screen

Clanforge -> Manage -> World

Each World name has it's own folder. Even different profiles using the same world name will use the same world. This means you can change the world name to run a different world and then swap back to it later on without losing anything. Also if you restore a backup with the same name as a current world it will overwrite the original.

World Backup

Backups are stored in a .tar.gz file on the machine but isolated onto separate more larger drives.

Stricly speaking we don't have a limit to how much space is used with regards to backups, however should the drive become full we take into account those who have mass amounts of backups stored and remove some older ones. Due to this we recommend you download any backups you'd like to keep that are over 7 days old.

To download your backups;

  • Go to Clanforge -> Manage -> Files
  • Select World Backups under Type
  • Choose the backup you'd like from the list
  • Click Download

World Restore

Restores are done instantly and can overwrite your current world (if you are restoring the same world name). It's always good to make a backup before you attempt to restore any worlds just in case.

World Reset

The world reset button, as ominous as it sounds you do get a dialog box warning you that the world will be reset. Only use this if you really have to.