Unlike most games, Minecraft does not have a password feature. Instead it uses a Whitelist to specify people that ARE able to join your server.

You can enable this by doing the following:

  • 1) Go to Clanforge -> Server Name -> Edit profile on the left hand menu
  • 2) Click on the configs tab
  • 3) Find 'white-list.txt' in the left side box
  • 4) Add the names of players you DO want to be able to connect to your server and click save
  • 5) Select 'server.properties' in the left side box
  • 6) Ensure that 'white-list=' is set to 'true'
  • 7) Restart your server and you whitelist will be enabled.

Do notice that when going into edit profile under the settings tab you will see a section called "game password". This will not work on your Minecraft server and is only used for other games with this feature. If you follow the above you will be able to dictate a certain set of users who can connect to your server. Everyone else will be denied.