FTP Uploads

So you're looking to connect to your Minecraft server via FTP to make some changes? Not quite sure how to do this? You're at the right place! We'll get you up and running with an FTP client and a few different scenarios so you can make instant changes to your hearts content!

Do not use the Quick Connect feature of FileZilla. It will not work, and will cause Error 530: Too many connections.

Quickguide - FTP Client Basics

So what is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet.

Basically it allows you to transfer files over the internet to another machine, in this case your Minecraft server

What FTP client do you recommend?

We at Multiplay recommend Filezilla for all Windows users. It's quick, free and easy to use. We will be referring to Filezilla throughout most of our articles on FTP.

Download Filezilla

Official Documentation


Just install as per the documentation and we'll continue on the next topic.

Finding my FTP details


FTP in Clanforge

You can find your servers FTP details via Clanforge -> Server Dashboard -> FTP. This option will appear for all customers eligible for FTP. At the moment this is only available for Minecraft servers.


FTP Link

The FTP link will allow you to load directly into your browser for downloading files, or if your FTP client supports it, straight into a connection.


The FTP IP address is the address you will use to connect to your service. This will most likely be different from your gameserver IP address and requires port 21.

FTP Username

The FTP username is in the form of <serverid>-<clanforge username> and the password would be your Clanforge password. This method makes it easier to manage multiple servers via multiple connections.

FTP Password

The FTP password is the exact same password as your Clanforge credentials. If you cannot remember this information you can reset your password by clicking the URL in Clanforge.

Now I know what to connect with, how can I connect?


Filezilla Settings

Connecting via Filezilla is a simple and easy process.

Manual Connection Setup


  1. Load up Filezilla
  2. Navigate to File -> Site Manager
  3. Click 'New Site' on the popup dialogue and enter details as follows:
    • Host: Clanforge -> Manage -> FTP -> FTP IP
    • Port: 21
    • Type: Normal
    • User: <serverid>-<username> (this can be found over at Clanforge -> Server Dashboard -> FTP (show).
    • Pass: Your usual Multiplay password.
  4. Click the 'Transfer Settings' tab -> 'Limit number of simultaneous connections' - Set this to '2'.
  5. Hit okay & connect. If all goes well you should, in theory, be able to navigate folders.

Automatic Configuration

We've created a config file for your server that you can use to set a connection up automatically.

  1. Log in to Clanforge
  2. Navigate to Servers'
  3. Expand the FTP pane
  4. Click the Download a FileZilla config for your server's FTP link
    • Load up FileZilla
    • Open File -> Import
    • Select the FileZilla.xml that you just downloaded, and confirm the next window that pops up
    • Open File -> Site Manager
    • Double Click your server's MH number in the list on the left
    • Enter your Multiplay account password

I can't seem to connect..

Sometimes connecting via FTP can fail. There are tons of different scenarios which could prevent you from connecting, the most popular listed below:

530 Login incorrect.

The username and password is incorrect.
You have exceeded the maximum number of connections from a single IP address

Connection timed out.

You will most likely be connecting to the wrong IP address. If you are sure this isn't the case, please contact support.

550 Permission denied.

You appear to be changing something you shouldn't, or a file that is already in use. Stop the server and try again.

Trouble Uploading: You are already connected

To upload to the FTP service service you require to have the setting 'Limit number of simultaneous connections' set to 1, Please follow the instructions in section: Now I know what to connect with, how can I connect? and check the configuration.

How do I Find my Servers .jar files?

  1. When you first connect to your Server via FTP you will be greeted by two folders Backups and minecraft
  2. Navigate to minecraft/beta/<serverid>/ (this can be achieved by double clicking each of the folders).
  3. You should now be in the serverid/ folder. The Minecraft_server.jar file should now be visible. This is your servers main file.
  4. If you want to replace the .jar file make sure it is has the same file name on your computer as on the server, then you can drag the .jar file and from your computer into folder within filezilla. Once transfered the server requires a restart to pick the changes.
  5. Once the server has restarted, It will try to use the new jar file.

How do I add Bukkit plugins using FTP?

Uploading plugins via FTP is much quicker than requesting them to be added via Clanforge. The steps below will show you how to properly add these.

  1. First ensure the plugin is compatible with the version of Bukkit we are running. The version of Bukkit can be found over at Clanforge -> Server Dashboard -> Files -> Upload (Check the Bukkit version in the 'Mod' dropdown menu).
  2. Download the plugin to your computer. Load Filezilla up and connect as you would (shown in the guides above).
  3. Once connected to the server through FTP, navigate to minecraft/beta/<serverid>/plugins (this can be achieved by double clicking each of the folders).
  4. You should now be in the plugins/ folder. You can now drag the .jar file of the plugin you downloaded and place it in the plugins/ folder. The server requires a restart to pick the plugin up with its configs.
  5. Once the server has restarted, if the plugin contains any editable configuration files these will be placed into a newly created folder in the plugins/ directory (usually the same name as the plugin). Simply download these files, make the necessary changes and reupload.

If all has gone well, you should have a fully configured plugin online and running. If there are any issues with this plugin, these can be viewed in the server.log file which can be downloaded and viewed. We recommend using Notepad++ to open larger server log files for viewing.

FTP Reset

FTP Reset

There are three options with the FTP reset. Each option behaves differently. Examples of how differently these behave are listed below:
Restore Missing: This will restore any missing core files (main JAR file, configuration files and other miscellaneous required files that may have been accidentally removed.
Restore Changed: This will restore all core files / configurations that have been changed back to a default state.
Remove added: This will remove any files added aside from the default configuration files, world files and core files.