DayZ servers can connect to two different databases (hives) These hives are separated into the public hive and the player controlled private hives. The public hive is the database that is run and controlled by Bohemia, which in turn has a lot of rules and regulations around it when it comes to hosting a server that uses it. 

The main differences between these hives are below:  


  • Only connected to the official DayZ Hive
  • No Password 
  • No kicking
  • No banning
  • No whitelisting 
  • Cannot lock server
  • No multiple restarts
  • No persistence restoration


  • Able to run as a Hive with slaves & shards
  • Passwords allowed
  • Kicking allowed
  • Banning allowed
  • Whitelisting allowed
  • Restart server as much as you want
  • Restore persistence files

These differences are set by Bohemia in their terms of service.