Ark Mods are not supported on PS4 versions, only PC.

Ark currently uses steam workshop to manage it's mods. This guide aims to show you how to find and add mods to your server. Please be aware that due to Ark not having a way to auto update mods, we may not be able to offer the latest version or even a working version of the mod you wish to use. 

The first step here is to get the MODIDs for the mods you want to load on your server.

1.Navigate to the steam workshop page for the mod you want to use.

2. Look at the link in your browser. It will look something like this:

3. Copy the numbers at the end of the link. Your MODID in this case would be: 849985437

Once you have the MODIDs for the mods you want to run on your server, you now want to head over to the settings tab on clanforge

1.Stop your server first, otherwise this will not work 

2.Find the ActiveMods text box

3. Paste in your MODIDs into the text box. Each MODID needs to be separated by a comma. Example: 849985437,95871223,875921

4. Hit save & apply

If you have any issues or problems, please let our support team know.