Hey Gamers !

Struggling with CS:GO maps and how to work out their rotation or even how to add them..?

Here is a guide on just how to do that.

1) You need to log on to your Clanforge and click your server to start managing it.

2) Now you need to click Edit Profile and then you should see the Maps tab in there.

3) Here you should see a list of available maps you can pick from on the left and a selection of already added maps on the right.

Now the rotation works in the order you add the maps. So for example the first map to be played will be cs_italy then de_dust2 and so on...

If you want to change the first map that is played you will need to remove the maps and add them in your own order.

When you are done simply click Save & Apply and this will restart your server with the edited map rotation and or added maps.

Hope this helps, but as always if you get stuck just throw a ticket into us and we will do everything we can do help you resolve this !

Happy Gaming :D