Setting up groups / tiered permissions

Type these in the console/RCon to activate / add the settings.

How to add groups to a server:

  • add <groupname>

 How to add player to group:

  • oxide.usergroup add <name> <groupname>

 To remove:

  • oxide.usergroup remove <name> <groupname>
  • remove <groupname>

 To add inherited permissions (IE. Admins get the same base permissions as Mods):

IE. group parent admin mods

  • parent <parentname> <childName>

 Granting addon permissions to a group or user:

IE. grant user <username> add.perms

  • oxide.grant [user/group] <username> <permissions>

 Revoking addon permissions form a group or user:

  • oxide.revoke user/group <username> <permissionnode>

 To Display permissions already set.

  • <group / user> name

    Don't forget to run "Sever.writecfg" through RCon after you've finished.