DayZ is set in the town of Cheranus in the Czech Republic, and it uses the Dawn and Dusk times for Cheranus when determining the Dawn and Dusk times in game. We have included a graph below which will show the different times year round, which means you can choose how your servers time behaves.

There are two ways that the server time can be configured.

  • "SystemTime" means that the server will operate on the current time of the machine it is operating on, i.e. if the server is in London and the server starts at 06:00am in London, then the game will also begin at 06:00am in game time too.
  • Another possibility is to set the time to some value in "YY/MM/DD/HH/MM" format, f.e. "2015/4/8/17/23". This means that when the server starts up, the time will be 17:23 in game too.

Where do I change it in Clanforge?


This can be found under the settings section of your game server by navigating to Clanforge>Edit Profile>Server Time.

How set the Initial Time?

First of all, stop your server. If left online, these changes will not apply correctly. 

Within the Settings tab of Clanforge, this is what SystemTime would look like.

And this is what setting the initial time to 17:23pm on April the 8th, 2015 would look like.

Now what?

Ok, Great! Now you've set your Initial Time all you need to do is hit Save & Apply within Clanforge!

If that didnt work for some reason, give us a shout!

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