FTP is not currently available for Windows based servers but only for Linux servers due to security.

Although not strictly speaking a direct part of ClanForge™ (at least not part of the ClanForge™ interface that the rest of this document covers), it is important that we mention that all the files available in the Downloads section of ClanForge™ are also available through a read only FTP.

To connect to the FTP you need only 3 things. The address, username and password. they are as follows:

Address: clanforge.multiplay.co.uk

Username: your ClanForge™ login name

Password: Your ClanForge™ password

You will also need some form of FTP software and know how to use it. In this example I am using FileZilla which can be downloaded here but you can also use WinSCP for an example.

The Following screen shots show FTP access using FileZilla.

To begin, log into the FTP using the ftp address, and your login/password details.

Once successfully logged in, you will be presented with a folder called 'servers'. You will need to go into that folder.

From here, the way you access your files is organised in two ways. Firstly, you can view your servers by their ServerID number, or by a much friendlier server name. The issue here is that the server name is likely to change over time, whereas the ServerID will never change.

If you are unsure of your ServerID, you can find it displayed in the Details section of your server in ClanForge, near your IP+Port.

Personally, I would recommend always using the ServerID, but that it merely a preference. For the purposes of this example, that is what we shall use.

As you can see from the above picture, now that we have entered the 'by_serverid' folder, all the servers this account has access to are listed. Each folder is the ServerID for a unique server that this account controls.

Having chosen which server we want to get files for, we now enter the folder for that server.

All the files that are available for download are arranged in folders determined by the type of download they are.

For the purpose of this example, we enter the 'Logs' folder. Here we can finally see all the server logs that we can download for this particular server.

Please Note - We do not normally support any custom content uploaded through FTP including configs and mods etc.