Firstly, STOP your server if you edit your users.cfg or the configs will NOT change.

To set yourself as admin here is what you need to do:

Option One: 

Log into your ClanForge and select the server you wish to assign yourself as admin. 

Select the "Stop" button, shutting down the server will allow any changes to the configs to remain once started back up. 

Once stopped you want to select the "Edit Profile" and you will be directed to you settings page of your server, you will see "Settings" "Addons" "Configs" "Maps" "History" you want to select "Configs

You will then see a list of different configurations that you can edit, the one you would want is "Users.cfg"
In here you will want to place in either;

ownerid "Steam64ID" "SteamName" "Reason"
moderatorid "Steam64ID" "SteamName" "Reason"


ownerid 5983275893749327 "Multiplay" "Server owner"

moderatorid 5983275893749327 "Multiplay" "Server moderator"

After you have entered all your details you will need "Save&Apply" this will apply all your settings and will bring your server back online.

Option Two:

The second option is to go through Rcon on ClanForge which you will see on the main page as the tab "Console" here you will put;

ownerid "Steam64ID"

moderatorid "Steam64ID"


ownerid 5983275893749327

moderatorid 5983275893749327

Once you have done that you will want to type in server.writecfg

This will save everything you have placed on console into your configurations.