The Clanforge Profile system provides a very quick and compact way of having multiple setups for your server. Each of these setups are called profiles, Profiles are completely autonomous and no 2 profiles will interact with each other, meaning that you could have survival mode on Map A on one profile and creative mode on Map B on another profile. Due to this, if you create a new profile you will also need to re-add any information to the server configs, Editing a profile can be done via the Edit profile Menu, guides on the Clanforge can be foundĀ here

Things to Note before you add Oxide

To switch to Oxide you need to create a new profile, then apply that profile to your server. However please note you must manually transfer your world in this process!!

Step one: Backing up your world

1. Login to the Clanforge and then Manage your server.

2. From there you will see several tabs under the main display, click the World tab

3. From there you need to Backup your world. click the Backup World button and wait for confirmation.

Step two: Create a new Profile

Firstly you will need to create a new profile with the correct game & mod selected.

1. Navigate to Clanforge -> Manage -> Profiles -> Create New

2. Select the game from the dropdown menu (Rust)

3. Select the necessary mod you wish to run the server under, taking careful note of the names (Oxide)

4. Select a default template to base your profile on (usually only a single template exists and is selected by default)

5. Give the new profile a name of your choice.

6. Create the profile, configure to your liking & save any changes made.

Step three: Switching to the newly created Profile

Once you have created the profile, it doesn't become active on the server straight away.

1. Navigate to Clanforge -> Manage -> Switch Profile (Select the relevant profile to switch to).

2. Select the game as Rust

3. Select the Mod you created the new profile under

4. Select the relevant profile (will auto-select if there is only one profile)

5. Click save & your service will be restarted with the new profile active.

Step four: Restoring your world

1. Navigate to Clanforge -> Manage -> World Tab

2. Click the dropdown box to pick a world from the World list

3. Click the Restore button and wait for confirmation of the restore.

4. Your server will now stop your server, restore your old world and startup your server again.

Step five: Glorious mod support

Your server has now been updated to support Oxide and will now be running your old world.

If you have any issues will this process or encounter errors you can contact support here

Step six: Adding addons

Oxide by itself will not add anything, you will need to add plugins! to do this go to Clanforge -> Manage your server -> Edit profile -> Addons

There you will see addons, to add them to your server click the Add button and then Save and Apply.

To find our details and how to use the plugins, click the plugin name!