Firstly you need to get yourself an FTP client, FileZilla will do the trick.

  • Log on to ClanForge.
  • Click on your server name, or the small, blue "Manage" button to the right of the page.
  • Click the "View FTP Details" button in the far left hand menu.

You can now see all your FTP credentials, If you only want to browse your space or download a world backup you can hit the big green "FTP to this server" button and that'll load up a web-page from which you can navigate into the backups section and save everything locally.

At this point I'd recommend downloading the FileZilla config for your FTP server and importing it, this will make life much easier.

So now you're connected to your server you can upload a world backup.
  • In FileZilla navigate to your backup in the left panel and navigate to the backups file in the right hand panel.
  • Drag the backup form your PC on the left hand panel to your server in the right hand panel.
  • Go to the "World Management" tab on ClanForge.
  • Choose your backup from the list. (sorted newest at the top)
  • Hit the yellow "Restore a backup" button.
And you're done!