To do this ensure you change config files through ClanForge, as changes made via FTP may be overridden.

As you may know, the Whitelists on Starboundaren't like most, you have to 'log in' to the gameserver with credentials if it's enabled.

Enabling the whitelist:

  • Log in to ClanForge. 
  • Click on your server name, or the small, blue "Manage" button to the right of the page. 
  • Click the "Edit Profile" button in the far left hand menu. 
  • Select the "Configs" Tab in the menu that loads in, then select starbound.config in the submenu.
  • Change line 5 "allowAnonymousConnections" to false.

Adding users:

This part ties in with adding admins ( )

For this example we're going to have one admin and three users - Dave will be our admin, he will have a password Billy, Dan and Josh will be our users, only Dan has a password set. These names are independent of the character name.

To begin with your Server Users section of the config should look like this:

  • Following the above guide, add your admin. (In this case, Dave)
  • Insert a new line under line 30.
  • copy lines 27-30 and paste the in the newly opened line 31
  • place a comma after the close-brace on line 30.  (All users MUST have a comma after their respective close-brace excluding the last user)
  • Change the name and password to whatever you want them to be. (In this case name = Dan and password = 123abc)
  • As Dan is not an admin, make sure you change the "admin" section from true to false.
  • Continue to insert lines and add users until you have the desired quantity.

At this point your config should look something like this: 

Please note that the close-brace on lines 30 34 and 38 all have commas after while the close brace on 42 does not, this is because there is no other user after 'Josh'.

When in game ensure that the user name is entered in the server account section and the password in the server password section.