To do this ensure you change config files through ClanForge, as changes made via FTP may be overridden.

Adding yourself to the server:

  • Log in to ClanForge. 
  • Click on your server name, or the small, blue "Manage" button to the right of the page.
  • Click the "Edit Profile" button in the far left hand menu.
  • Select the "Configs" Tab in the menu that loads in, then select starbound_server.config in the submenu.
  • On line 27 change "AdminNameGoesHere" to whatever you want to use as your server admin login, for this example we'll use "Dave" - This is independent of your character name.
  • On line 29 change "AdminPasswordGoesHere" to whatever you want to use, for this example we'll use "abc123"

Both of these entries ARE case sensitive.

At this stage, your config should look like this: 

  • Click the Save & Apply button (this restarts your server)

Enabling it ingame:

  • The name you set as Admin name is entered in the "server account" box and the password is entered in "server password"
  • Click "Join Server" and if all is well you will load in. If you get "No such account" error, check capitalization. 
  • To enable admin privileges in-game type /admin into that chat window and send. The chat box should now have a message reading "<server> Admin privileges now given to player Dave"