What is "Battleye Extended Controls"

Please note: 
Some BEC features do not work with Dayz Standalone, Features that have full support: Whitelisting, Partial support: scheduler, Nick filter.

Website: http://ibattle.org/

BEC is an admin tool which hooks into DayZ's RCON process to allow advanced functionality such as: 

  • Support for Multiple In-game Admins 
  • Define Custom Names on Commands 
  • Set Group Levels on Admins 
  • Set Permission Level on Commands 
  • Organized Chat logger 
  • Organized BE Event logger 
  • Check Guid of players who connects against a central ban database 
  • Report Hacks to a central ban database 
  • Nick Filter, Auto kick offensive nick's defined by you 
  • Chat & channel restriction 
  • Chat & channel anti-spam 
  • Make players temp admins 
  • Autokick lobby idlers 
  • Create Schedules of various sorts. motd's. events etc 
  • Create whitelist file 
  • SlotLimit, can be used to reserve slots

How to Connect your BEC server to your DayZ server: 

To proceed with this you'll need to have purchased a BEC from here : Link

To connect your BEC server to your DayZ server you only need to adjust the following fields in your BEC's profile.

  1. Login to ClanForge
  2. Click "Manage" next to your DayZ server, copy the IP, Port and Admin Password to your clipboard.
  3. Navigate back to the ClanForge homepage, and click "Manage" next to your Battleye Extended Controls server.
  4. Click the settings tab, and scroll to the bottom of the tab.
  5. Copy the IP of your DayZ server into the "DayZ IP" and the port into "DayZ Port".
  6. Add the Admin Password of your DayZ server to the Admin Password field.
  7. Click "Save and Apply".

Common Issues:

BEC server is not able to connect.  Check the IP and Port entered are valid and the correct ones for the intended DayZ Server.

Check the Admin password for both BEC and DayZ servers match. 
BEC server fails to start or crashes. Run the .xml configuration files through an XML validator such as https://www.xmlvalidation.com/ to identify any invalid XML.