How can I move server's location?

You can change your servers location free of charge by contacting our support staff by our support site here

Server moves are however limited to once every 3 days!

Server moves are also limited to capacity in a location you wish to move to.

Can I move my server to another machine in the same location?

You are welcome to request a move to another machine in the same location via our support team.

However this also carries a 3 day cool down the same as a location rule.

Why can't I move my server more than every 3 days?

Because gaming servers are often the target of attacks, by disgruntled players, services that have been the target of a attack once moved can be re-targeted. We aim to filter these attacks and not avoid them, however if the attack follows the target server more customers are affected in the interim. This is what we are working to avoid.

Where can I learn more about these attacks?

You can learn more about these attacks below:

My server was moved because of maintenance or because of a machine issue

If you server was moved due to action we have taken then this does not trigger the 3 day cool down.