Profiles are important when it comes to using clanforge and your server. 

We will be using minecraft as en example. 

ClanForge's Profile system provides a very quick and compact way of having multiple setups for your server. Each of these profiles are completely autonomous and no 2 profiles will interact with each other, meaning that you could have survival mode on Map A on one profile and creative mode on Map B on another profile. Due to this, if you create a new profile you will also need to re-add any information to the as well as other files such as ops.txt.

Sometimes it's necessary to switch to a new Minecraft profile when a new version of the game is released, or if there are significant issues with the current profile or you just wish to start with a fresh configuration.

Creating a new profile:

Firstly you will need to create a new profile with the correct game & mod selected.

1. Navigate to ClanForge -> *Your Server* -> Create Profile

2. Select the game from the drop down menu 

3. Select the necessary mod you wish to run the server under, taking careful note of the names.

4. Select a default template to base your profile on (usually only a single template exists and is selected by default)

5. Give the new profile a name of your choice.

6. Create the profile, configure to your liking & save any changes made.

Switching profiles:

1. Navigate to ClanForge -> *Your Server* -> Profiles -> View All Profiles

2. You will see a list of the profiles you currently have available to your server. The will be sorted by game, and then further sorted by mod.

3. You can edit each profile or apply them direct to your server from this page.

4. Remember, each profile is completely separate to the others, any changes to make to one will not apply to any of the others. 

As always if you need any help with any aspects of Clanforge you do not understand then please do not hesitate to get in contact with our support staff by sending in a ticket to