There are many reasons why your server can restart or crash unexpectedly. When a server is set up no matter what game is being ran there are some safeguards put into place to preserve the integrity of the machine and the other servers also being ran. This can be one of the reasons why a server would suddenly crash. However the likelihood of this happening is very rare due to the header that we have in place for resource allocation. If you find your server is crashing please check your action log in Clanforge to check for any reasons why your server is crashing. You can find your action log by logging into Clanforge > Manage My Server then it will located underneath your server information. See below for some steps on what you can do to help resolve any issues:


Firstly check your graphs in Clanforge. Check the amount of memory that your server is currently using and the amount of memory that your server has been allocated. The amount of memory that your server uses is to do with a few factors. They are anything from the modpack (if any) that you are running. For example if you have 600MB allowance you will not be able to run the FTB Monster modpack. This will be down to the amount of memory that FTB Monster uses.

CPU spikes and this causes your server to crash. This can happen when there is either an issue with an addon or modpack. In this case change the profile (after backing up the world) to another one and try again.


Please check your usage graphs available in Clanforge. If you notice that your usage is spiking in either memory or CPU usage then please check the following. Load into Clanforge > Manage My Server . Then click on the usage graphs available in the top right.

What to do if you notice that your server has high CPU/Memory usage:

Check your plugins. There are some addons that can and will spike the CPU/memory usage on your server. The addons that we have tested and found to cause high usage are called anti-decay and Remover Tool 1.7.1. If you have any of these addons installed please remove them. We have a rolled back version of Remover Tool (version 1.6.4) installed to provide the same functionality as Remover Tool 1.7.1. If you do not have any of these addons installed but this is happening then unfortunately sometimes a new profile will be needed. Before making a new profile we suggest that you backup your current world and any configs.Then create a new profile in Clanforge.


As DayZ is in early development there are some reasons that your server can crash due to high resource consumption. In this instance we would ask you to raise a ticket to our team so that we can investigate this. We will do everything in our power to find a resolution to any issues that you may have. You can raise a ticket here:

Battlefield 4 / Hardline

Please contact us for a list of current issues and further troubleshooting. You can contact support here:


If you are experiencing crashes with your Starbound game-serve then we would advise you to back-up your current world and then create a new profile. Doing this will bring your server to a fresh state and should stop the server crashing. If this continues to happen then we would advise you to create a new world in Clanforge. One of the reasons that the server can crash is due too many objects/structures etc loading onto the server this can cause the memory to spike and subsequently the server to crash.