You can change your difficulty in 2 ways, via the commandline as an OP, or by editing your server config.

To perform this as an OP, once you have OP status type:

difficulty <difficulty>


These specifiy the new difficulty level. Must be one of the following:

  • peaceful (can be abbreviated as p or 0) for peaceful difficulty 
  • easy (can be abbreviated as e or 1) for easy difficulty 
  • normal (can be abbreviated as n or 2) for normal difficulty 
  • hard (can be abbreviated as h or 3) for hard difficulty 

To change the difficulty to hard: difficulty hard, difficulty h, or difficulty 3

To change this setting via the server config:

  1. Login to clanforge
  2. Select your server and hit stop
  3. Now, go to Edit Profile > Configs > Server.Properties
  4. Find the line that contains 'difficulty=<number>'
  5. Change this to one of following values:
    0 = peaceful mode
    1 = easy [default]
    2 = normal
    3 = hard
    Example: difficulty=1
  6. Now hit Save and Apply within Clanforge to reboot your server with the new settings applied.