How to upload a Minecraft world

Firstly you need to prepare you world for upload to do this complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the Minecraft world you would like to upload. Usually worlds are stored here: C:\Users\*Your Username*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
  2. Right click on the folder of the world you wish to upload, and click "Add to Archive". Make sure that .zip is selected as the file type.
  3. A zip file with the same name as your world should be created in your saves folder.

Your world is ready to upload!

When you are happy that your world is ready to upload, follow the next set of instructions

  1. Login to ClanForge
  2. Click your server, and then click the "World Management" button (it's under quick links).
  3. Next click "Upload World".
  4. Fill in the form, Select the zip file you created earlier, and hit upload!
  5. Find your upload on the list of backups, and hit restore.

Your world should now be live on your server! :)

Video Guide

Troubleshooting World Uploads

If you encounter errors the error message will often give you a good idea of how to resolve the issue.

For example the most common issue is "Invalid file detected",the fix for this would be to remove the file from the list, If the invalid file is "region/data.png" you must open your archive (.zip file) and navigate to the region folder and delete or move the data.png from the archive then reupload the world.