sv_restart - Restarts the round.

sv_say - Broadcasts a message to all clients.

g_nextlevel - Switch to next level in rotation or restart current one.

ban - Bans player for (ban_timout) minutes from server. [See ban_timeout]

ban_remove - Removes player from ban list.

ban_status - Shows currently banned players.

ban_timeout - Ban timeout in minutes

kick - Kicks player from game

kickid - Kicks player from game

kill - Kills the player

rcon_command - Issues a console command from a RCON client to a RCON server

rcon_connect - Connects to a remote control server

rcon_disconnect - Disconnects from a remote control server

rcon_startserver - Starts a remote control server

rcon_stopserver - Stops a remote control server

net_next_map - Notify clients of the next map to play