This guide focuses on the manual method of using rcon, alll commands are entered via the console. To bring the console down press the ` key at the top left of you keyboard (Under the escape key)

As well as the /rcon login password you can put the login in your shortcut target line as well.

"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe" +rcon login ***** +password **** +connect ***.**.***.***

That will connect you with rcon logged into a private slot to a specific server. This is the basics of rcon commands

/rcon login password

/rcon say

/rcon status

/rcon clientkick #

/rcon banclient #

/rcon map_rotate

A further set of console commands are listed below:

/rcon map mapname

Loads the map specified by mapname.

/rcon map_rotate

Loads next map in rotation set in sv_maprotation.

/rcon serverinfo

Shows the current server's settings.

/rcon map_restart

Restarts the map.

/rcon kick [name]

Kicks a player by name from the server.

/rcon clientkick [id]

Kicks a player by client id from the server.

/rcon status

Displays info of all the players on the server.

/rcon banUser [name]

Bans a user by their ingame name. Writes their GUID to ban.txt

/rcon banClient [id]

Bans a user by their client number. Writes their GUID to ban.txt

/rcon tempBanUser [name]

Kicks and temporarily bans player by name from server.

/rcon tempBanClient [id]

Kicks and temporarily bans player by client id from server

/rcon unban [name]

Unban every player banned with [name]. If you want to unban a single player whose name appears more than once, you should edit "ban.txt" manually.

/rcon tell [id]

Sends private message to specified client id

Here's another version with more details.....

Kicking players

There are a few ways in which to kick players, but I'm only going to cover the easiest and best way to do so. It involves using the status and clientkick commands. I prefer using this method of kicking as it prevents you from having to type out a player